“Design creates Culture. Culture creates values. Values determine the future.”

– As rightly quoted by Robert L. Peters, we proceeded with this extract and it helped us to reach our architectural derivation.

The cultural venue designed in the context of 2020 envisions the ever changing trends of multi-cultural needs of the Indian society. Bharat Bhavan, Maharashtra is proposed as a multi-user cultural venue that envisages local culture of the state, country and reflects it over a global platform. The intent while pre-designing the spaces was to cater to the spaces habitable culturally. Maharashtra as a state holds a strong cultural foundation since historic times. The local values, techniques and artistic traits of the Maharashtrian culture have been taken into consideration while curating design programme.

Our concept for Bharat Bhavan 2020 is developed of an organic nature, where the spaces result as ample and free flowing. The spatial planning of the programmatic and non-programmatic spaces is derived from the concept of WAVES. Just as the waves being free flowing in nature, move along with the current of the ocean, similarly the same has been re-interpreted through built spaces in our design possessing the character of fluidity. Thus, it allows the users to interpret the multi-levelled spaces as their own. The aim was clearly to enhance and emphasize the local value of the Elephanta Island and thereby justify the maximum tourist footfall that it received throughout the year. Bharat Bhavan 2020 is imagined to be an exhilarating cultural hub where people from all parts of the society come together, reconnect and help each other grow culturally on a global level. It also provides as a fruitful medium through the economy point of view as it helps the local residents of the Island earn a livelihood through the hub.